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Table 4 Current and Future scenario technology parameters

From: A spatially explicit whole-system model of the lignocellulosic bioethanol supply chain: an assessment of decentralised processing potential

Parameter Unit Current Future
Crop type - Straw residue SRC hybrid poplar
Crop yield odt ha-1 year-1 5 25
Pretreatment method - Dilute acid CO2 explosion
Process integration - SSF CBP
Pretreatment conversion* %cellulose 75.0 98.0
Fermentation conversion %sugars 95.0 95.0
Ethanol yield** lEtOH odt-1 281 382
Process titre wt%EtOH 5.0 35.0
Process hot utility MJ MJEtOH-1 0.17 0.00
Distillation hot utility*** MJ MJEtOH-1 0.26 0.20
  1. *Assumes equal conversion of both cellulose and hemicellulose fractions
  2. **Pure ethanol product
  3. ***Distillation includes both Stripping and Rectification stages for the Current technology