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Table 1 Plasmids and strains used in this study

From: Comparing the xylose reductase/xylitol dehydrogenase and xylose isomerase pathways in arabinose and xylose fermenting Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains

Plasmid Features Reference
prDNAAraA pBluescript, NTS2::pHXT7 tr -AraA(B. subtilis)-tCYC1 [27]
prDNAAraD pBluescript, NTS2::pHXT7 tr -AraD (E. coli)-tCYC1 [27]
pY7 XYL1 (P. stipitis), XYL2 (P. stipitis), URA3 [28]
YEplacHXT-XIp pHXT7 tr - XI (Pyromyces sp.)-tCYC1, URA3 [29]
YIpAraB KanMX, pHXT7 tr -AraB (E. coli)-tCYC1, TRP1 [27]
YIplac128 LEU2 [53]
Strain Genotype Reference
TMB3042 CEN.PK 2-1C, Δgre3, his3:: p PGK1-XKS1- t PGK1, TAL1:: p PGK1-TAL1- t PGK1, TKL1:: p PGK1-TKL1- t PGK1, RKI1:: p PGK1-RKI1- t PGK1, RPE1:: p PGK1-RPE1- t PGK1, leu2, trp1, ura3 [31]
TMB3070 TMB3042, YIpAraB This work
TMB3073 TMB3070, pHXT7 tr -AraA(B. subtilis)-tCYC1, NTS2::pHXT7 tr -AraD (E. coli)-tCYC1 This work
TMB3074 TMB3073, YIplac128 This work
TMB3075 (xylose reductase/xylitol dehydrogenase strain) TMB3074, pY7 This work
TMB3076 (xylose isomerase strain) TMB3074, YEplacHXT-XIp This work