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Table 1 Rationale used to develop the accelerated technology development (ATD) scenarios for the five technologies.

From: How can accelerated development of bioenergy contribute to the future UK energy mix? Insights from a MARKAL modelling exercise

Technology cluster Rationale for ATD Key changes in datasets Key references
Lignocellulosic conversion to ethanol Improvement in feedstock quality Better conversion technologies
Cheaper enzymes
Investment costs
O&M costs
R. Slade (unpublished data); [28]
Gasification of solid biomass (energy crops) Increased fuel flexibility
Cheaper feedstocks
Cleaner gas production
Capital costs
Fixed O&M costs
J. Brammer (unpublished data); [25, 29]
Fast pyrolysis Better grade/cleaner oil
Improved feedstocks
Increased fuel flexibility
Cost reductions associated with the above
Capital costs
O&M costs
J. Brammer, J. Rogers (unpublished data); [22]
Bioengineering of energy plants Increased yield
Increased stress tolerance, and disease and pest resistance
Increased nitrogen and water efficiency
Improved yield and energy content of energy plant [12, 20, 24, 3034]
Agro-machinery of growing and harvesting energy crops Improved establishment on marginal/idle land
Increased efficiency at picking up cut crops
Improvement in irrigation systems
Improved site preparation methods and weed elimination methods
- incorporated into bioengineering of energy plants, as part of resource costs C. Panoutsou (unpublished data) [20, 35]