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Table 5 Specific β-glucosidase and β-xylosidase activities (per g WIS) of the enzymes used in the hydrolysis of SPB

From: Enzymatic hydrolysis of steam-pretreated lignocellulosic materials with Trichoderma atroviride enzymes produced in-house

Enzyme β-glucosidase (IU/g WIS) β-xylosidase (IU/g WIS)
Cell 1.6 3.4
Cell+Nov 9.3 3.5
F-1663/B 39 0.24
F-1663/B+Nov 47 0.35
F-1663/B+M 42 2.9
F-1663/B+P 40 6.2
  1. SPB: steam-pretreated sugarcane bagasse; WIS: water-insoluble solids
  2. Cell: Celluclast 1.5 L (3 FPU/g WIS), Nov: Novozym 188 (7.6 β-glucosidase IU/g WIS).
  3. F-1663/B: enzyme supernatant of Trichoderma atroviride TUB F-1663 produced on SPB (3 FPU/g WIS), M: Multifect xylanase (2.7 β-xylosidase IU/g WIS), P: Pulpzyme HC (5.9 β-xylosidase IU/g WIS).
  4. The activities presented are calculated based on Table 3 and the mixing ratio of the enzymes.