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Table 4 Cellulase manufacture assumptions

From: The greenhouse gas emissions performance of cellulosic ethanol supply chains in Europe

Process assumptions Emission assumptions
Inputs and parameters Unit Quantitya protein-1
Fermentor volume m3 1000  
Active volume % 80%  
Cellulase productivity FPU.l-1.h-1 75  
Cellulase activity FPU.g protein-1 600  
Residence time h 160  
Agitation power requirement W.m-3 400  
Air sparge power requiremente W.m-3 2183  
Biomass feedstock composition: cellulose/lignin % (dry basis) 43%/28%  
Initial cellulose concentration % 4%  
(NH4)2SO4 g.l-1 1.4 1.17b
KH2PO4 g.l-1 2 1.11b
MgSO4.7H2O g.l-1 0.3 0.56b
CaCl2.2H2O g.l-1 0.4 0.56b
Tween 80 g.l-1 0.2 0c
Corn oil anti foam vol.vol-1 0.001 3.51d
  1. aNREL 1999 design report [14]; bestimated from GREET [31]; cassumed to be negligible; dassumed to be the same as rapeseed oil: LCAfood database [32]; eassumes air sparge rate: 0.577 v.v-1.min-1; compressor capacity:630.6 m3.min-1; motor power: 2983 kW.