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Table 7 Emission factor parameters included in the sensitivity analysis.

From: The greenhouse gas emissions performance of cellulosic ethanol supply chains in Europe

Parameter Unit Base-case value.unit-1 % Variation relative to base-case Remark
    Min Max  
Softwood production transport and size reduction   46.0 0.5 1.9 Range reflects the difference between high and low estimates for softwood emissions, excluding land-use change
Straw production and transport   2.6 0.5 2 This range is illustrative only and reflects variation around the lower estimate for straw
Enzyme production protein-1 9.55 0.1 1.4 Range reflects the carbon intensity of enzyme manufacture using Swedish or UK electricity relative to EU 27
Process electricity purchased kgCO2e.MWh-1 340.8 0.1 1.4 Range reflects the carbon intensity of Swedish and UK electricity relative to EU 27
H2SO4a   0.5 0.5 2 A range of -50% to +100% was considered sufficient
    to cover uncertainties in production emissions   
NaOHb   0.58    
SO2a kgCO2   0.641      
(NH4)2PO4c   1.67    
MgSO4.7 H2Od   0.56    
  1. aBoustead database [38]. bDEAM database [39]. cEstimated from mass proportion of NH3 with H3PO4 (reported in DEAM database). dReported in GREET 1.8, Ag_Inputs!AA43:AA52 – sum of production and process emissions, assumed to be the same as CaCO3.