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Figure 3

From: Enhanced ethanol production from brewer's spent grain by a Fusarium oxysporum consolidated system

Figure 3

Time course profile of ethanol production and sugars assimilation in various sugar mixtures concentrations. A) 3% w/v B) 4.5% w/v C) 6% w/v. The ratio of the sugars of the mixture was glucose/xylose/arabinose 1/2/1 in all cases (black circle – Arabinose, open circle – xylose, black triangle – glucose, black square – ethanol). Experiments were performed under submerged conditions in cylindrical bioreactors of 1 L working volume using microaerobic conditions (aeration level 0.1 vvm). The initial culture pH was 6.0 and the temperature was set at 30°C. Values are the mean of three determinations and vertical error bars represent standard deviation.

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