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Table 4 Bioconversion of spent grain to ethanol using two different technical approaches.

From: Enhanced ethanol production from brewer's spent grain by a Fusarium oxysporum consolidated system

Growth stage Biomass
(g L-1)
Enzyme activities
(Units mL-1)
Initial Ethanol production rate
(mg L-1 h-1)
Ethanol yield
(g EtOH kg-1 dry BG)
Theoretical ethanol yield*
g EtOH kg-1 dry BG
   Endoglucanase Xylanase     
1.52 8.8 52 67 109 195 Present study
Solid state culture 2.55 0.6 9.8 29 65 195 [10]
  1. *The theoretical ethanol yield is based on total glucose and xylose content of dry material