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Table 1 Plasmids and S. cerevisiae strains used in this study.

From: Xylose reductase from Pichia stipitis with altered coenzyme preference improves ethanolic xylose fermentation by recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Plasmids and Strains Relevant genotype Reference
pY7 ADH1p-XYL1-ADH1t, PGK1p-XYL2-PGK1t, URA3, 2 μ [31]
YIplac211 PGK PGK1p-PGK1t, URA3 [13]
YIplac211 PGK XYL1(K270M) PGK1p-XYL1(K270M)-PGK1t, URA3 [13]
YIplac211 PGK XYL1(K270R) PGK1p-XYL1(K270R)-PGK1t, URA3 This work
pUC57-CpXR XYL1(C. parapsilosis) This work
YIplac128 LEU2 [32]
YIplac211 URA3 [32]
YIpOB1 ADH1p-XYL1-ADH1t, PGK1p-XYL2-PGK1t, LEU2 This work
YIpOB2 ADH1p-XYL1-ADH1t, PGK1p-XYL2-PGK1t, URA3 This work
YIpOB3 ADH1p-ADH1t, PGK1p-XYL2-PGK1t, URA3 This work
YIpOB4 ADH1p-XYL1(K270M)-ADH1t, PGK1p-XYL2-PGK1t, URA3 This work
YIpOB5 ADH1p-XYL1(K270R)-ADH1t, PGK1p-XYL2-PGK1t, URA3 This work
YIpOB6 ADH1p-XYL1(C. parapsilosis)-ADH1t, PGK1p-XYL2-PGK1t, URA3 This work
TMB 3265 CEN.PK 113-11C, MAT a, ura3-52, his3::HIS3 YIpXDH/XK [30]
TMB 3200 TMB 3265, ura3::URA3 YIplac211 PGK XYL1(K270R) This work
TMB 3044 CEN.PK 2-1C, MAT a, ura3-52, Δgre3, his3::HIS3 PGK1p-XKS1-PGK1t, TAL1::PGK1p-TAL1-PGK1t, TKL1::PGK1p-TKL1-PGK1t, RKI1::PGK1p-RKI1-PGK1t, RPE1::PGK1p-RPE1-PGK1t [22]
TMB 3321/Y-PsNative TMB 3044, ura3::URA3 YIpOB2 This work
TMB 3322/Y-PsK270M TMB 3044, ura3::URA3 YIpOB4 This work
TMB 3323/Y-PsK270R TMB 3044, ura3::URA3 YIpOB5 This work
TMB 3324/Y-CpXR TMB 3044, ura3::URA3 YIpOB6 This work