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Table 1 Seed culture media recipe for the three ethanologenic strains

From: Comparing the fermentation performance of Escherichia coli KO11, Saccharomyces cerevisiae 424A(LNH-ST) and Zymomonas mobilis AX101 for cellulosic ethanol production

Strain Temperature (°C) Buffer/pH Antibiotics Sugars concentration Nitrogen source
KO11 37 0.1 M MOPS/7.0 50 mg/L Chloramphenicol   
AX101 30 0.05 M Phosphate/5.5 30 mg/L Ampicillin 50 g/L for Glucose-only and fermentation 30 g/L +20 g/L for co-fermentation and xylose-only 2.0% w/v corn steep liquor (CSL) for fermentation in CSL fermentation; 5.0 g/L yeast extract + 10.0 g/L peptone for wash stream and AFEX hydrolysate fermentation
424A-(LNH-ST) 30 0.05 M Phosphate/5.5 50 mg/L Ampicillin   
  1. Note: yeast extract and peptone was only used for seed culture preparation but was not supplemented to the actual ammonia fiber explosion (AFEX)-corn stover hydrolysate during ethanol fermentation.