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Figure 3

From: Aiming for the complete utilization of sugar-beet pulp: Examination of the effects of mild acid and hydrothermal pretreatment followed by enzymatic digestion

Figure 3

Sugar yields of pretreated sugar-beet pulp fractions. The data are expressed as percentage w/w based of starting material before pretreatment. Sugar yields of (A) the supernatant fractions, (B) the pellet fractions, (C) total pretreated material (sum of (A) + (B), (D) Calculated individual sugar losses during pretreatment. Black bars = untreated pulp, light-grey bars = 120°C fractions, grey bars = 140°C fractions, dark-grey bars = 170°C fractions, shaded bars = pretreatments with 1% w/w sulfuric acid (on a dry-matter basis), non-shaded bars = pretreatments in water.

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