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Figure 4

From: Thermostable endoglucanases in the liquefaction of hydrothermally pretreated wheat straw

Figure 4

Hydrolytic performance of the different CBH and XYL enzymes in mixtures. The substrate, 2% (w/w) hydrothermally pretreated wheat straw, was prepared in 0.05 mol/l sodium-citrate buffer (pH 5.0) and hydrolysed at (A) 35°C, (B) 45°C, (C) 55°C and (D) 60°C. Experiments contained (per gram substrate dry matter (DM)) 3 mg of Ta EGII/Cel5A; 3 mg of the various CBHs: At CBHI/Cel7A (---), Ct CBHI/Cel7A (--) or Ta CBHI/Cel7A (···); and 1 mg xylanase: Ta XYL/Xyn10A (□) or Nf XYL/Xyn11A (Δ). Xylanase-free controls () were run in all series. All tubes were supplemented with 1 mg At βG/Cel3A per gram substrate DM. The thermostable reference contained (per gram substrate DM) 7 mg Ta EGII/Cel5A and 1 mg At βG/Cel3A (--*--). Commercial reference was prepared using (per gram substrate DM) 7 mg of Celluclast with 1 mg of Novozym (--x--). The results are based on mean values of DNS analysis of duplicate tubes. The standard deviation of the measurements was consistently <5%.

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