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Table 1 Cellobiohydrolases expressed in S. cerevisiae in this study

From: High level secretion of cellobiohydrolases by Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Species and gene name GenBank accession number Expression plasmid Recombinant yeast strain abbreviation
cbh1 encoding genes: expressed under transcriptional control of S. cerevisiae ENO1 promoter
Humicola grisea cbh1 a, b [GenBank:CAA35159] pRDH103 Sc[H.g.cbh1]
Thermoascus aurantiacus cbh1 a, b [GenBank:AAL83303] pRDH104 Sc[T.a.cbh1]
Talaromyces emersonii cbh1 a, b [GenBank:AAL89553] pRDH105 Sc[T.e.cbh1]
Neosartorya fischeri cbh1 c, d [GenBank:XP_001258278] pRnD317 Sc[N.f.cbh1]
Penicillium janthinellum cbh1 c, d [GenBank:X59054.1] pRnD353 Sc[P.j.cbh1]
Gibberella zeae cbh1 c, d [GenBank:AY196784.2] pRnD318 Sc[G.z.cbh1]
Nectria haematococca cbh1 c, d [GenBank:AY502070.1] pRnD319 Sc[N.h.cbh1]
Fusarium poae cbh1 c, d [GenBank:AY706934] pRnD320 Sc[F.p.cbh1]
Aspergillus terreus cbh1 c, d [GenBank:XM_001214180] pRnD322 Sc[As.t.cbh1]
Penicillium chrysogenum cbh1 c, d [GenBank:AY790330] pRnD323 Sc[P.c.cbh1]
Neurospora crassa cbh1 c, d [GenBank:X77778] pRnD324 Sc[N.c.cbh1]
Chaetomium thermophilum cbh1 b, e [GenBank:CAM98448.1] pMI569 Sc[C.t.cbh1]
Acremonium thermophilum cbh1 b, e [GenBank:CAM98445.1] pMI567 Sc[Ac.t.cbh1]
Trichoderma reesei cbh1 f [SwissProt::P62694.1] pRDH101 Sc[T.r.cbh1]
cbh2 encoding genes: expressed under transcriptional control of S. cerevisiae PGK1 promoter
Cochliobolus heterostrophus C4 cel7b, c [GenBank:AAM76664.1] pRDH150 Sc[C.h.cbh2]
Gibberella zeae K59 cel6 b, c [GenBank:AAQ72468.1] pRDH151 Sc[G.z.cbh2]
Irpex lacteus MC-2 cex b, c [GenBank:BAG48183.1] pRDH152 Sc[I.l.cbh2]
Volvariella volvacea cbhII-I b, c [GenBank:AAT64008.1] pRDH153 Sc[V.v.cbh2]
Piromyces sp. E2 cel6A b, c [GenBank:AAL92497.1] pRDH154 Sc[P.sp.cbh2]
Talaromyces emersonii cbh2 a, b [GenBank:AF439936] pRDH106 Sc[T.e.cbh2]
Trichoderma reesei cbh2 a, f [SwissProt:P07987.1] pRDH107 Sc[T.r.cbh2]
Chrysosporium lucknowense cbh2b b, d [EMBL-Bank::HH793136.1] pMI574 Sc[C.l.cbh2b]; M0969g
Acremonium cellulolyticus cbh2 b, e [SwissProt:O93837] pMI571 Sc[A.c.cbh2]
Chaetomium thermophilum cbh2 b, e [SwissProt:Q5G2D4] pMI573 Sc[C.t.cbh2]
  1. aSynthesized by GenScript (Piscataway, NJ, USA); bnative secretion signal; csynthesized by Geneart (Regensburg, Germany); dS. cerevisiae mating factor α-1 precursor secretion signal; esynthesized by Codon Devices (Cambridge, UK); fTrichoderma reesei xyn2 secretion signal; gdiploid ura3Δ/ura3Δ FUR1/fur1Δ strain which has a functional xylose pathway, i.e. over expressed pentose pathway genes and Piromyces xylA, and gre3 deleted.