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Figure 8

From: A kinetic model for quantitative evaluation of the effect of hydrogen and osmolarity on hydrogen production by Caldicellulosiruptor saccharolyticus

Figure 8

Experimental and model results for experiment 8. Experimental results: (A) Liquid concentrations: Glucose (asterisks), acetic acid (open squares), cell mass (open circles), lactic acid (open diamonds). (B) Accumulated H2 production (open circles). Model results: Average values were used for all parameters except μmax. For μmax, the average growth rate of experiment 5 through 7 was used (0.22/hour). (A) Liquid concentrations: Glucose (solid lines), acetic acid (dashed-dotted lines), cell mass (dotted lines), lactic acid (dashed lines). (B) Accumulated H2 production (straight lines).

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