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Table 1 Maximum cellulase adsorption onto cellulosic substrates after pretreatment withswollenin.

From: How recombinant swollenin from Kluyveromyces lactisaffects cellulosicsubstrates and accelerates their hydrolysis

Substrate Pretreatment with buffer Pretreatment with swollenin
  A max (cellulase) (mg/g) A max (cellulase) (mg/g)
Whatman filter paper No.1 16 31
α-Cellulose 21 35
Avicel PH101 52 73
Sigmacell 101 119 122
  1. The coefficients of variation were below 7.5% for each value.A max (cellulase) denotes the maximum cellulaseadsorption per g cellulose at equilibrium.