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Figure 2

From: The enhancement of enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic substrates by the addition of accessory enzymes such as xylanase: is it an additive or synergistic effect?

Figure 2

Time course of SPCS hydrolysis. Separate hydrolysis: (black rhombus) 5 mg cellulases or (black triangle) 30 mg xylanase; Simultaneous hydrolysis: (black circle) 5 mg cellulases and 30 mg xylanase; Sequential hydrolysis: addition of (black square) 5 mg cellulases, (clear circle) 5 mg xylanase and (clear rhombus) 5 mg BSA to pre-hydrolyzed SPCS with 30 mg xylanase for 24 h. Theoretical: (asterisk) sum of cellulose conversion after hydrolysis with 30 mg xylanase and 5 mg cellulases separately. (A) Cellulose hydrolysis. (B) Xylan hydrolysis. BSA: bovine serum albumin; SPCS: steam pretreated corn stover.

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