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Table 1 Protein content, filter paper activity and specific activities of the commercial enzyme preparations on model substrates

From: The enhancement of enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic substrates by the addition of accessory enzymes such as xylanase: is it an additive or synergistic effect?

Enzyme preparation Protein content (mg/mL) FPA (FPU/mL) CMCase (U/mL) β-glucosidase (U/mL) CBH 1 (U/mL) Xylanase (U/mL) β-xylosidase (U/mL)
Celluclast 1.5L 129.2 50.3 474.7 17.0 158.0 438.8 37.8
Multifect Xylanase 37.1 n/a 9.0 12.7 2.7 2588.4 22.5
Novozym 188 233.4 n/a 15.0 239.0 26.2 32.63 3.9
  1. CMCase: carboxymethyl cellulase; CBH1: cellobiohydrolase 1; FPA: filter paper activity; FPU: filter paper unit; n/a: negligible activity detected.