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Table 2 Volatile, char and ash content of bioenergy feedstocks: high-lignin endocarp tissue versus perennial grasses and woody biomass feedstocksa

From: Identification and thermochemical analysis of high-lignin feedstocks for biofuel and biochemical production

Feedstock Volatile (wt%) Char (wt%) Ash (wt%)
High lignin (drupe endocarp) 77.0% 23.0% None
Medium lignin 1 (switchgrass) 82.7% 17.3% None
Medium lignin 2 (Poplar) 79.6% 20.4% < 0.5%
Low lignin (tobacco) 78.9% 21.1% 3.9%
Moderate lignin (Arabidopsis) 76.7% 23.3% 3.1%
  1. aThe volatiles and char content were calculated from thermogravimetric analyzer plots. Samples were heated at a ramp rate of 150°C/minute to 800°C.