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Table 1 Mass and energy recovery for fermentation during ensiling

From: Ensiling of crops for biogas production: effects on methane yield and total solids determination

Type of fermentation Product Mass recovery Energy recovery
Homolactic fermentation 2C3H6O3 100% 97%
Acetic acid fermentation 3C2H4O2 100% 93%
Heterolactic fermentation C3H6O3 + C2H6O + CO2 76% 97%
Ethanol fermentation 2C2H6O + 2CO2 51% 97%
Butyrate fermentationa C4H8O2 + 2CO2 + 2H2 49% 78%
  1. Mass and energy recovery for some common fermentation pathways during ensiling [30]. The examples are based on glucose as substrate. Gases are regarded as lost. Energy recovery is based on the gross energy value (higher heating value) of the products, excluding the energy in ATP.
  2. aPerformed by many Clostridia species.