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Table 1 Specific activities of TrCel7A and TrCel7A core at 50°C per hour

From: Xylan oligosaccharides and cellobiohydrolase I (TrCel7A) interaction and effect on activity

Enzyme Substrate k cat
TrCel7A PASC (1 g/L) 0.44/second
TrCel7A core PASC (1 g/L) 0.24/second
TrCel7A pNP-lac (0.5 mM) 0.07/second
TrCel7A core pNP-lac (0.5 mM) 0.06/second
  1. kcat = catalytic constant; PASC = phosphoric acid swollen cellulose; pNP-lac = para-nitrophenyl-β-D-lacoside; TrCel7A = cellobiohydrolase I.