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Table 1 Anatomical composition of tested speciesa

From: Composition and hydrothermal pretreatment and enzymatic saccharification performance of grasses and legumes from a mixed-species prairie

Plant part Anatomical component mass fraction, %
  Lupinus perennis Schizachyrium scoparium Poa pratensis
Stem 37.5 43.1 13.0
Leaf 49.3 18.3 68.3
Petiole 13.3 - -
Sheath - 25.2 16.3
Flowers - 13.1 2.4
  1. aMass fraction of major anatomical components for the three species examined in this study, L. perennis (LP), S. scoparium (SS), and P. pratensis (PP). LP included the stem, petiole and leaf, while SS and PP were divided into the stem, sheath, leaf, and flower. Each of these components was weighed to determine its anatomical mass fraction.