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Figure 3

From: Identification of candidate genes for yeast engineering to improve bioethanol production in very high gravity and lignocellulosic biomass industrial fermentations

Figure 3

Comparison between the concentration of CO 2 (Δ[CO 2 ] corr ) at mid fermentation point (14 h) and of the final concentration of ethanol (Δ[Ethanol] corr ) produced by cells of the parental strain S. cerevisae BY4741 and by the mutants deleted for genes conferring resistance against ethanol, acetic acid and vanillin or furfural in the fermentation of WSH. The Δ[CO2]corr and Δ[Ethanol]corr parameters were calculated using equations 3 and 4, as described in Methods. Error bars represent the error propagation associated with arithmetic operations used to determine the global relative variation of each mutant strain.

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