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Figure 4

From: High level expression of Acidothermus cellulolyticusβ-1, 4-endoglucanase in transgenic rice enhances the hydrolysis of its straw by cultured cow gastric fluid

Figure 4

Western immunoblot analysis of E1 and Rubisco large subunit proteins in the leaf and different organs. Total soluble protein was extracted from the leaves of six independent T0 transgenic lines (#1 to #6) and wild type (WT) rice plants and from the mature seed (MS), green floret (F), leaf (L), stem (S) and root (R) of T0 transgenic line #3-5, separated by SDS-PAGE, transferred to polyvinylidene fluoride membrane and probed with polyclonal antibodies against (A) E1 or (B) Rubisco large subunit. Twenty micrograms of protein was loaded per lane. Note that E1 protein was not detected in the leaves of transgenic line #4 and wild type rice plants.

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