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Figure 6

From: High level expression of Acidothermus cellulolyticusβ-1, 4-endoglucanase in transgenic rice enhances the hydrolysis of its straw by cultured cow gastric fluid

Figure 6

Specific activities of E1 enzyme in different organs. Specific activities of (A) E1 in the leaves of six independent T0 transgenic line (#1 to #6) and wild type (WT) rice plants, (B) in the mature seed (MS), green floret (F), leaf (L), stem (S) and root (R) of T0 transgenic line #3-5, and (C) in the leaves of some T1 plants of transgenic line #3-5. Enzyme activity was assayed using a fluorescence spectrophotometer by its ability to cleave 4-methylumbelliferyl β-D-cellobioside to produce the fluorophore, 4-methylumbelliferne with peak excitation wavelength at 365 nm and peak fluorescence at 455 nm. Data presented were means ± standard error (bar) from three to four replicates of measurement. The activity was measured at 65°C. Note both transgenic line #4 and wild type (WT) had minimal activities.

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