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Figure 8

From: High level expression of Acidothermus cellulolyticusβ-1, 4-endoglucanase in transgenic rice enhances the hydrolysis of its straw by cultured cow gastric fluid

Figure 8

Release of sugars from rice straw during digestion with artificial saliva or cultured cow gastric fluid. The contents of (A) reducing sugars, (B) sucrose, (C) glucose and (D) fructose from the straws of wild type (WT) and homozygous E1 transgenic rice plants (derived from line #3-5) after incubation with AS or cultured CGF at 39°C for 1 h, 39°C for 2 h, or 39°C for 1 h plus 81°C for 1 h. WT/AS: WT rice straw incubated with AS; T/AS: transgenic rice straw incubated with AS; WT/CGF: WT rice straw incubated with CGF; T/CGF: transgenic rice straw incubated with CGF. Rice straw was air dried under the sun and stored at room temperature for two years. Data presented represent the means ± standard error of three replicates of measurement. AS: artificial saliva; CGF: cow gastric fluid; T: transgenic; WT: wildtype.

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