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Table 2 Conventional catalytic conversions of crude glycerol to chemicals

From: Value-added uses for crude glycerol--a byproduct of biodiesel production

Product Pathway Product productivity Reference
(2,2-dimethyl-1,3-dioxolan-4-yl) methyl acetate Oxygenate synthesized compound NAa [78]
Acrolein Fuidized bed, tungsten doped zirconia catalyst 21% [79]
Monoglyceride Two-step process, purification of the monoglyceride produced from glycerolysis of palm stearin ~99% purity [86]
  Glycerolysis of soybean oil ~42% [87]
Gaseous products Steam reforming process; platinum alumina as catalyst NAa [80]
  Thermal decomposition of crude glycerol by pyrolysis NAa [82]
  Steam gasification with in situ CO2 removal 88 vol.% H2 purity [83]
  Hydrothermal reforming of crude glycerol ~90 vol.% H2 purity [84]
  Co-gasification of crude glycerol and hardwood chips NAa [85]
  1. a represents data are not available