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Table 2 Glucose means and least significant differences for five maize inbred lines

From: A high-throughput core sampling device for the evaluation of maize stalk composition

Maize inbred line Glucose yield (%)
A305 14.22 a
W59E 12.70 b
B85 10.83 c
A634 8.91 d
SD102 6.56 e
LSD (α = 0.05) 1.06
  1. Cell wall glucose yield (%) was measured at three different times (0, 24 and 60 h) in the second internode above ground from three different plants in five diverse maize inbred lines. The analysis of variance was performed on the mean of the three plants. The least square difference (LSD) corresponds to the Fisher's protected LSD. Means with the same letter are not significantly different.