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Table 4 Input parameters used in simulations unless otherwise stated

From: A coarse-grained model for synergistic action of multiple enzymes on cellulose

Name Notation Endo Exo-R/Exo-N
Molecular weightb μ 52500 g/mol 63500 g/mol
Adsorption rate constant k on 100 (sM)-1 104 (sM)-1
Desorption rate constant k off 0.1 s-1 10 s-1
Higher desorption rate constant k offfast 1 s-1 100 s-1
Glycosidic bond hydrolysisc k gly 0.35 s-1 0.0846 s-1
Hydrogen bond breakingd k hbbreak 1012 s-1 1012 s-1