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Table 1 Fiber composition of pretreated arundo and spruce

From: Torque measurements reveal large process differences between materials during high solid enzymatic hydrolysis of pretreated lignocellulose

Arundo (% of WIS) Spruce (% of WIS)
Glucan 50.2% Glucan 42.9%
Mannan n.d.* Mannan n.d.
Galactan n.d. Galactan n.d.
Xylan 6.4% Xylan n.d.
Arabinan n.d. Arabinan n.d.
Lignin 36.8% Lignin 46.0%
  1. The WIS content was measured to 36.5% and 12.7% respectively. (* n.d. = not detected, i.e. below the sensitivity of the instrument).