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Table 2 Nomenclature for parameters in equations 2 and 3

From: Torque measurements reveal large process differences between materials during high solid enzymatic hydrolysis of pretreated lignocellulose

Yg Glucose yield (of theoretical maximum) ftso Initial mass fraction of total solids (soluble + insoluble) in slurry
Cg Glucose concentration (g/L) ρh0 Initial density of liquid (g/L)
Cg0 Initial glucose concentration (g/L) Vh Volume of hydrolysate liquid (L)
Cgos0 Initial concentrations of glucose oligomers (g/L) Vh0 Initial volume of hydrolysate liquid (L)
Xg0 Initial mass fraction of glucan in insoluble solids ϕg Molecular ration of glucose to glucan; ϕg = 180/162 = 1.11
Xis0 Initial mass fraction of insoluble solids in total solids ϕgos Ratio of glucose molecular weight to average monomer weight of glucose oligomers; ϕgos = 180/166.5 = 1.08 (assuming glucose oligomers have an average DP of 4)