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Figure 5

From: Boosting the free fatty acid synthesis of Escherichia coli by expression of a cytosolic Acinetobacter baylyi thioesterase

Figure 5

Determination of the active-site residues of ‘AcTesA by site-directed mutagenesis. FFAs productin (a) and cell densities (b) of the wild-type strain BL21(DE3) (control) and the recombinant strains (‘AcTesA, S10A, G48A, N77A, D158A and H161A). Compared with the native ‘AcTesA, the mutation to Ala at Ser10 (S10A), Gly48 (G48A), Asp158 (D158A) and His161 (H161A) residues led to totally loss of the thioesterase activity, and the mutation to Ala at Asn77 (N77A) residue caused the substantial decrease of the enzyme activity. The error bars represent the range from two independent experiments.

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