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Table 2 Ratio of selected lignin constituents with a 2-fold comparable difference and p-value < 0.05 from transgenic (TG) versus wild-type (WT) T1-3 switchgrass fermentation after dilute acid pretreatment for a specified microbe (biomass effect)

From: Evaluation of the bioconversion of genetically modified switchgrass using simultaneous saccharification and fermentation and a consolidated bioprocessing approach

Aromatic Constituent (μg / mL) sorbitol equivalents C. bescii(COMT3 TG/WT) C. obsidiansis(COMT3 TG/WT) C. thermocellum(COMT3 TG/WT)
Ratio P-value Ratio P-value Ratio P-value
coumaroyl-benzaldehyde 2.54 0.01 3.71 0.00 NA 0.00