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Table 4 Microbial groups evaluated by 16S-rDNA amplification at the optimum organic loading rate in the modified UASB reactor

From: Methane production by treating vinasses from hydrous ethanol using a modified UASB reactor

Domain Group Amplicon*
  Archaea +
Archaea Methanogens +
  Methanobacteriales +
  Methanosarcinales +
  α-Proteobacteria +
  β-Proteobacteria +
Bacteria γ-Proteobacteria +
  δ-Proteobacteria +
  High GC Gram-positive Bacteria -
  Low GC Gram-positive Bacteria +
  Bacillus +
  Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) +
  Clostridium +
  1. *Presence (+) or absence (−) of the specific amplification product.