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Table 2 Top 50 expressed genes based on normalized expression level (RPKM values)

From: RNA-seq based identification and mutant validation of gene targets related to ethanol resistance in cyanobacterial Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803

Gene ID Control-24h Control-48h Control-72h Ethanol-24h-r1 Ethanol-24h-r2 Ethanol-48h-r1 Ethanol-48h-r2 Ethanol-72h-r1 Ethanol-72h-r2 Discription Cellular role
sll1744 7.42E+05 8.96E+05 9.57E+05 6.14E+05 6.66E+05 6.65E+05 3.97E+05 7.24E+05 6.49E+05 50S ribosomal protein L1 Protein synthesis
sll1745 3.42E+06 3.74E+06 3.97E+06 2.80E+06 3.01E+06 2.74E+06 1.82E+06 2.90E+06 2.54E+06 50S ribosomal protein L10 Protein synthesis
sll1743 3.56E+05 5.73E+05 6.30E+05 3.00E+05 3.86E+05 4.17E+05 2.23E+05 4.90E+05 4.11E+05 50S ribosomal protein L11 Protein synthesis
sll1746 6.76E+05 5.38E+05 7.26E+05 1.66E+05 2.49E+05 2.90E+05 1.78E+05 2.78E+05 2.58E+05 50S ribosomal protein L12 Protein synthesis
sll0767 2.07E+06 9.55E+05 2.40E+06 9.92E+05 9.52E+05 7.76E+05 6.25E+05 7.37E+05 6.30E+05 50S ribosomal protein L20 Protein synthesis
sll1801 3.47E+05 5.18E+05 7.09E+05 1.62E+05 2.61E+05 4.74E+05 2.32E+05 5.43E+05 5.32E+05 50S ribosomal protein L23 Protein synthesis
sll1807 4.12E+05 6.41E+05 9.77E+05 1.72E+05 3.12E+05 5.68E+05 2.51E+05 6.14E+05 5.94E+05 50S ribosomal protein L24 Protein synthesis
ssl1426 5.89E+06 2.35E+06 5.49E+06 4.31E+06 4.18E+06 2.74E+06 2.30E+06 2.22E+06 2.17E+06 50S ribosomal protein L35 Protein synthesis
slr2067 1.00E+06 2.39E+06 4.47E+06 3.52E+05 1.16E+06 2.61E+06 8.80E+05 3.28E+06 3.45E+06 Allophycocyanin alpha subunit Energy metabolism
slr1986 8.68E+05 1.50E+06 2.98E+06 2.53E+05 6.79E+05 1.35E+06 4.90E+05 1.72E+06 1.75E+06 Allophycocyanin beta subunit Energy metabolism
slr1198 1.72E+06 1.22E+06 1.77E+06 1.08E+06 1.33E+06 1.10E+06 7.41E+05 1.08E+06 1.12E+06 Ant ioxidant protein Unclassified
sll1322 2.11E+05 6.36E+05 8.15E+05 1.31E+05 4.50E+05 6.64E+05 3.23E+05 9.71E+05 7.65E+05 ATP synthase A chain of CF(0) Energy metabolism
ssl2615 4.95E+05 1.22E+06 2.06E+06 2.69E+05 7.74E+05 1.33E+06 5.88E+05 1.82E+06 1.57E+06 ATP synthase C chain of CF(0) Energy metabolism
sll1323 2.28E+05 5.71E+05 8.68E+05 1.17E+05 3.22E+05 6.10E+05 2.82E+05 8.06E+05 6.33E+05 ATP synthase subunit b' of CF(0) Energy metabolism
sll1099 4.39E+05 9.53E+05 1.51E+06 1.94E+05 4.07E+05 7.88E+05 3.36E+05 9.11E+05 8.63E+05 Elongation factor Tu Protein synthesis
ssl0020 2.52E+06 6.33E+05 7.00E+05 6.84E+05 7.65E+05 8.17E+05 7.10E+05 8.75E+05 7.41E+05 Ferredoxin I, essential for growth Energy metabolism
sll0018 1.97E+05 7.10E+05 1.21E+06 1.36E+05 2.37E+05 7.34E+05 3.61E+05 1.04E+06 1.08E+06 Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase, class II Unclassified
ssl0483 1.48E+06 5.07E+05 6.64E+05 6.22E+05 7.23E+05 6.12E+05 5.26E+05 6.88E+05 6.09E+05 Hypothetical protein No Data
slr0144 8.77E+05 5.27E+05 5.68E+05 3.89E+05 4.55E+05 3.04E+05 2.59E+05 2.49E+05 2.15E+05 Hypothetical protein Hypothetical proteins
slr1470 6.22E+05 6.04E+05 8.56E+05 4.92E+05 6.35E+05 6.70E+05 4.85E+05 7.30E+05 6.91E+05 Hypothetical protein Hypothetical proteins
slr0373 4.60E+05 5.51E+05 1.65E+06 1.51E+05 3.63E+05 7.25E+05 2.74E+05 9.89E+05 8.96E+05 Hypothetical protein No Data
slr0749 9.08E+05 6.46E+05 1.19E+06 7.58E+05 1.34E+06 7.50E+05 4.19E+05 4.46E+05 4.20E+05 Light-independent protochlorophyllide reductase ironprotein subunit ChlL Cofactor biosynthesis
slr0749 9.08E+05 6.46E+05 1.19E+06 7.58E+05 1.34E+06 7.50E+05 4.19E+05 4.46E+05 4.20E+05 Light-independent protochlorophyllide reductase iron protein subunit ChlL Energy metabolism
sll1342 3.21E+05 5.41E+05 7.43E+05 2.32E+05 3.29E+05 4.17E+05 2.38E+05 4.80E+05 5.42E+05 NAD(P)-dependent glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase Energy metabolism
slr1834 1.46E+06 1.55E+07 3.92E+07 1.23E+06 5.28E+06 1.28E+07 3.37E+06 1.50E+07 1.66E+07 P700 apoprotein subunit Ia Energy metabolism
slr1835 1.21E+06 5.21E+06 1.16E+07 6.51E+05 2.62E+06 5.15E+06 1.74E+06 5.93E+06 5.79E+06 P700 apoprotein subunit Ib Energy metabolism
sll0819 1.20E+06 6.37E+05 6.10E+05 3.32E+05 2.99E+05 3.72E+05 2.59E+05 4.10E+05 3.91E+05 Photosystem I reaction center subunit III precursor Energy metabolism
slr0737 1.85E+06 1.15E+06 2.11E+06 9.16E+05 1.10E+06 1.20E+06 8.97E+05 1.34E+06 1.38E+06 Photosystem I subunit II Energy metabolism
smr0004 4.02E+06 3.59E+06 5.24E+06 1.43E+06 1.45E+06 1.78E+06 1.44E+06 1.60E+06 1.58E+06 Photosystem I subunit VIII Energy metabolism
slr1655 1.08E+07 5.24E+06 5.95E+06 8.83E+06 8.55E+06 7.79E+06 5.87E+06 7.50E+06 6.75E+06 Photosystem I subunit XI Energy metabolism
slr0906 2.96E+05 5.56E+05 4.91E+05 1.78E+05 4.12E+05 5.30E+05 2.60E+05 7.12E+05 6.19E+05 Photosystem II core light harvest ing protein Energy metabolism
sll0851 2.98E+05 1.21E+06 2.33E+06 1.71E+05 4.95E+05 1.05E+06 3.40E+05 9.30E+05 9.78E+05 Photosystem II CP43 protein Energy metabolism
slr1311 2.37E+06 1.75E+06 2.79E+06 8.49E+05 1.83E+06 2.41E+06 1.39E+06 2.73E+06 2.44E+06 Photosystem II D1 protein Energy metabolism
sll1867 1.22E+06 1.06E+06 1.62E+06 5.25E+05 1.01E+06 1.33E+06 7.68E+05 1.54E+06 1.59E+06 Photosystem II D1 protein Energy metabolism
sll0849 1.31E+05 1.09E+06 1.59E+06 9.21E+04 3.93E+05 1.05E+06 3.10E+05 1.21E+06 1.20E+06 Photosystem II react ion center D2 protein Energy metabolism
slr0335 4.12E+05 1.38E+06 2.12E+06 2.41E+05 6.30E+05 1.09E+06 5.13E+05 1.30E+06 1.35E+06 Phycobilisome core-membrane linker polypept ide Energy metabolism
sll1580 3.09E+06 2.89E+06 2.91E+06 1.93E+06 2.24E+06 2.18E+06 1.69E+06 2.23E+06 1.79E+06 Phycobilisome rod linker polypept ide Energy metabolism
sll1579 2.30E+06 2.95E+06 3.31E+06 1.33E+06 2.07E+06 2.16E+06 1.46E+06 2.54E+06 2.09E+06 Phycobilisome rod linker polypept ide Unclassified
slr2051 1.44E+06 6.37E+05 7.37E+05 4.63E+05 5.46E+05 6.26E+05 5.26E+05 6.77E+05 6.51E+05 Phycobilisome rod-core linker polypeptide Energy metabolism
ssl3093 2.10E+06 1.29E+06 1.36E+06 7.71E+05 9.40E+05 8.59E+05 7.79E+05 1.04E+06 7.32E+05 Phycobilisome small rod linker polypeptide Unclassified
sll1578 2.59E+07 5.16E+07 8.62E+07 1.43E+07 2.65E+07 4.10E+07 2.17E+07 5.20E+07 5.40E+07 Phycocyanin alpha subunit Energy metabolism
sll1577 2.49E+07 5.74E+07 8.88E+07 1.88E+07 3.58E+07 5.52E+07 2.70E+07 7.35E+07 7.72E+07 Phycocyanin beta subunit Energy metabolism
sll1694 5.95E+06 8.44E+05 1.14E+06 2.01E+06 2.12E+06 9.58E+05 1.35E+06 1.07E+06 5.81E+05 Pilin polypept ide PilA1 Cell envelope
sll0199 8.92E+05 6.80E+05 9.96E+05 2.02E+05 5.59E+05 9.24E+05 4.93E+05 8.49E+05 7.72E+05 Plastocyanin Unclassified
slr0011 1.94E+06 3.06E+06 6.38E+06 1.11E+06 1.85E+06 2.48E+06 1.33E+06 2.73E+06 2.32E+06 Possible Rubisco chaperonin Hypothetical proteins
slr1841 1.24E+06 2.09E+06 3.27E+06 5.53E+05 1.31E+06 1.70E+06 7.51E+05 1.67E+06 1.89E+06 Probable porin; major outer membrane protein Unclassified
slr0009 4.48E+05 1.44E+06 2.53E+06 2.81E+05 7.69E+05 1.33E+06 5.61E+05 1.70E+06 1.55E+06 Ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase large subunit Energy metabolism
slr0012 5.54E+05 8.40E+05 2.10E+06 1.58E+05 2.52E+05 4.06E+05 2.72E+05 4.43E+05 3.79E+05 Ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase small subunit Energy metabolism
sll1338 9.93E+05 2.56E+06 4.45E+06 5.64E+05 1.23E+06 1.57E+06 9.14E+05 1.79E+06 1.52E+06 Unknown protein No Data
sll1951 7.54E+05 8.37E+05 1.25E+06 3.14E+05 6.19E+05 7.53E+05 3.27E+05 7.44E+05 8.16E+05 Unknown protein Unclassified