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Figure 4

From: Unraveling the structure of sugarcane bagasse after soaking in concentrated aqueous ammonia (SCAA) and ethanol production by Scheffersomyces (Pichia) stipitis

Figure 4

CPMAS-TOSS NMR spectra of sugarcane bagasse. (a) Untreated; (b) bagasse treated with ammonium hydroxide (20% v/v NH4OH, 70°C, 24 h) and (c) delignified bagasse after enzymatic hydrolysis. The spectra were normalized by the intensity of line 10 (C1 carbon of cellulose). CPMAS-TOSS: cross polarization under magic angle spinning with total suppression of spinning sidebands; NMR: nuclear magnetic resonance. * represents the peak which arises due to aliphatic lignin carbons not bound to oxygen.

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