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Table 4 Assignment of 13C-1H correlation signals detected in HSQC spectra of cellulolytic enzyme lignin isolated from Populus trichocarpa x P. deltoides wood samples[37]

From: The fate of lignin during hydrothermal pretreatment

δCH(ppm) Assignment
53.2/3.5 Cβ/Hβ in phenylcoumarin substructure (Bβ)
53.6/3.1 Cβ/Hβ in resinol (β-β) substructure
55.7/3.8 C/H in methoxyl group (Methoxy)
60.2/3.6 Cγ/Hγ in β-O-4 substructure (Aγ)
62.8/3.8 Cβ/Hβ in phenylcoumarin substructure (Bβ)
71.5/4.8 Cα/Hα in β-O-4 linkage (Aα)
84.8/4.3 Cβ/Hβ in β-O-4 linkage (Aβ)
81.4/5.1 Cβ/Hβ in spirodienone substructure (Cβ)
84.7/4.7 Cα/Hα in spirodienone substructure (Cα)
87.1/5.5 Cα/Hα in phenylcoumarin substructure (Bα)
104.3/6.7 C2,6/H2,6 in etherified syringyl units (S2,6)
105.5/7.3 C2,6/H2,6 in oxidized Cα=O (S'2,6)
113.7/6.3 Cβ/Hβ in cinnamate unit (Eβ)
111.4/7.0 C2/H2 in guaiacyl units (G2)
115.4/6.77 C5/H5 in guaiacyl units (G5)
119.3/6.82 C6/H6 in guaiacyl units (G6)
130.0/7.5 C2,6/H2,6 in p-hydroxybenzoate units (PB2,6)
144.7/7.5 Cα/Hα in cinnamate unit (Eα)