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Figure 3

From: RNA-Seq analysis and targeted mutagenesis for improved free fatty acid production in an engineered cyanobacterium

Figure 3

Photosynthetic yield measurements for the targeted mutants: (A) hypothetical protein overexpression mutants; (B) ROS-degrading protein overexpression mutants; (C) knockout mutants, including include one hypothetical protein mutant (Δ0444) and 4 putative transport proteins (Δ2175, Δ1224, Δ1464, and Δ1607). Data are averages of 3 biological replicates with error bars indicating the standard deviation of these measurements. An asterisk (*) above the data for day 7 indicates that difference between the control (SE02a) and mutant strain was determined to be statistically significant by ANOVA analysis (see Table S7 in Additional data file 3 for calculated p-values).

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