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Table 2 Differentially expressed genes in S. elongatus PCC 7942 during FFA production selected for targeted mutagenesis

From: RNA-Seq analysis and targeted mutagenesis for improved free fatty acid production in an engineered cyanobacterium

Locus Product Average FC Targeted Mutagenesis
Hypothetical Proteins
Synpcc7942_0444 hypothetical protein 3.27 Knockout
Synpcc7942_1561 hypothetical protein 2.67 Knockout
Synpcc7942_1023 hypothetical protein 2.15 Knockout
Synpcc7942_1476 hypothetical protein −4.59 Overexpression
Synpcc7942_B2645 hypothetical protein −7.35 Overexpression
Synpcc7942_1655 hypothetical protein −2.98 Overexpression
Synpcc7942_0900 hypothetical protein −2.92 Overexpression
Synpcc7942_B2632 hypothetical protein −2.68 Overexpression
Synpcc7942_0122 hypothetical protein −2.53 Overexpression
Synpcc7942_1845 hypothetical protein −2.28 Overexpression
ROS-Degrading Proteins
Synpcc7942_1214 glutathione peroxidase 2.63 Overexpression
Synpcc7942_0801 superoxide dismutase 2.56 Overexpression
Synpcc7942_0437 glutathione peroxidase 2.54 Overexpression
Synpcc7942_1656 catalase/peroxidase HPI −2.38 Overexpression
Potential FFA Exporters
Synpcc7942_2175 transport system substrate-binding protein 2.99 Knockout
Synpcc7942_1224 ABC-transporter membrane fusion protein 2.74 Knockout
Synpcc7942_1464 porin 2.33 Knockout
Synpcc7942_1607 porin; major outer membrane protein 2.16 Knockout
  1. Average fold change (FC) values are calculated by averaging the fold change associated with differentially expressed genes under the 6 different comparisons of high v. low FFA production.