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Figure 5

From: De novo transcriptomic analysis of hydrogen production in the green alga Chlamydomonas moewusii through RNA-Seq

Figure 5

Starch catabolism, glycolysis and anaerobic fermentation pathways in C. moewusii constructed based on the information from C. reinhardtii and the transcript abundance of enzymes in C. moewusii and C. reinhardtii. Enzymes are represented by gray diamond boxes, except for PFL, whose gene sequence has not been identified in C. moewusii. The blue diamond boxes indicate that the respective gene is downregulated, and red color indicates upregulation. The numbers within the stacked rectangle boxes indicate the abundance of the respective transcript at Phase I, II and III, from top to bottom, respectively. Multiple columns were included for enzyme with multiple homologues. The numbers within the oval boxes represent the transcriptional abundance of homologous transcripts in C. reinhardtii. The abundance of each transcript is also represent by the color of the filled boxes, with green, pink or yellow indicating, respectively, the top 0.5%, 2.5% or 10% of all 1 transcripts, respectively.

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