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Table 1 Determine the reference transcripts through de novo assemblies using different sets of data

From: De novo transcriptomic analysis of hydrogen production in the green alga Chlamydomonas moewusii through RNA-Seq

Contig measurements Raw data Trimmed data Trimmed data with duplicates removed
N75 555 524 517
N50 1,160 1,063 1,066
N25 1,998 1,829 1,846
Minimum length (bp) 183 196 194
Maximum length (bp) 15,688 14,561 15,688
Average length (bp) 758 718 716
Contig number 39,431 33,374 34,136
Total length (Mb) 29.9 24.0 24.4
  1. Raw Data: original data generated from Illumina RNA-Seq; Trimmed Data: original data processed to trim the reads with poor quality using CLC Genomics software based on quality analysis result using FastQC software; Trimmed Data with Duplicates Removed: the trimmed reads with duplicate reads removed using CLC Genomics software.