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Table 1 Functional groups and molecular weight of the lignin samples

From: Effect of replacing polyol by organosolv and kraft lignin on the property and structure of rigid polyurethane foam

Lignin Ph-OH Al-OH MeO Mw Mn Mw/Mn
  mmol/g mmol/g mmol/g    
HEL 2.76 2.88 6.16 2600 1600 1.62
HKL 4.29 4.12 5.81 2400 1330 1.80
  1. Note: HEL, hardwood ethanol organosolv lignin; HKL, hardwood kraft lignin; Ph-OH, phenolic hydroxyl group; Al-OH, aliphatic hydroxyl group; MeO, methoxyl group; Mw, weight average molecular weight; Mn, number average molecular weight.