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Table 4 In vivo hydrogen yields of strains expressing SH hydrogenase

From: Increasing the metabolic capacity of Escherichia coli for hydrogen production through heterologous expression of the Ralstonia eutropha SH operon

Strain    Yielda
  Background Mutations  
FTDPH10 FTD147 (ΔhyaB ΔhybC ΔhycE) /pJWPH5 adhE, ldhA 1.41 ±0.017
DG2 FTD147 (ΔhyaB ΔhybC ΔhycE) /pJWPH5 adhE, ldhA, arcA 1.46 ±0.015
FTJWDC3 FTD147 (ΔhyaB ΔhybC ΔhycE) /pJWPH5 adhE, mdh 2.08 ±0.016
FTGH2 FTD147 (ΔhyaB ΔhybC ΔhycE) /pJWPH5 adhE, ldhA, mdh 1.49 ±0.016
DJ1 JW135/pJWPH5 arcA 1.55 ±0.018
JWGH1 JW135/pJWPH5 adhE, ldhA, arcA 2.11 ±0.014
  1. amol H2/mol glucose consumed.