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Figure 4

From: Efficient production of l-lactic acid by an engineered Thermoanaerobacterium aotearoensewith broad substrate specificity

Figure 4

Time profiles of metabolitics using different sugars as the sole carbon source by LA1002. The bacterium was cultivated in serum bottles for 24 hours at 55°C with the initial pH of 6.0. Because the fermentation broth was too turbid to determine OD600 before xylan degraded, the value of DCW of LA1002 using beechwood xylan as substrate was not measured. And the residual sugar using dextran T110 and xylan as the carbon source were also not recorded. The data were calculated from two independent experiments. (A) DCW, (B) Lactic acid concentration, (C) Residual sugar, (D) Ethanol concentration, (E) Lactic acid productivity.

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