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Table 3 Bacterial density at 45 DAI under gnotobiotic conditions

From: Improvement of plant growth and seed yield in Jatropha curcas by a novel nitrogen-fixing root associated Enterobacter species

Treatments1 Endophytic population (log cfu/g)2
  Root Stem Leaves
Wild type 7.83 ± 0.10a 7.13 ± 0.05a 0
nifH Δ 7.62 ± 0.16a 7.02 ± 0.19a 0
nifD Δ 7.67 ± 0.20a 6.91 ± 0.32a 0
nifK Δ 7.65 ± 0.14a 6.98 ± 0.32a 0
Mock 0 0 0
  1. 1Wt and nif mutants were labelled with pMC1-EPS-RtGFP and inoculated to root zones of 12 day-old seedlings derived from surface-sterilized. Plants were maintained in sterile conditions in sand-nutrient mix in Phytatrays.
  2. 2Number of CFU (per g dry biomass) recovered from surface-sterilized root tissues of Jatropha curcas cv. MD-44. Bacteria were recovered on 2xYT medium supplemented with chloramphenical (100 μg/ml).
  3. aThe treatments are not significantly different from each other at 5% threshold.