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Table 5 Yields of sorghum biomass and components as ethanol production feedstock

From: Life-cycle energy use and greenhouse gas emissions of production of bioethanol from sorghum in the United States

  GS SSa[29, 54] FS
Biomass yield (fresh tonne/hectare)   76 85b
Biomass moisture content (%)   72 73 [31]
Grain yield (tonne/hectare) 3.4 [9] 2.9  
Sugar yield (tonne/hectare)   6.6  
Bagasse yield (dry tonne/hectare)   12 23 [9]
  1. a The yields are based on field experiments in the absence of data from large-scale production in the US;
  2. b Estimated based on the dry matter yield of 23 tonne per hectare and the reported moisture content of 73% for FS.