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Figure 2

From: Lignosulfonate-mediated cellulase adsorption: enhanced enzymatic saccharification of lignocellulose through weakening nonproductive binding to lignin

Figure 2

Intensity size distributions for Cel (1.5 mg/mL, MW = 50 kDa), LS (3.4 mg/mL, MW = 4,200 Da), and LCCs in mixtures. The molar ratio of Cel to LS is 104/3 in mixture A (800 μL Cel and 10 μL LS), and 104/20 in mixture B (800 μL Cel and 60 μL LS). DLS analysis was conducted in 50 mM sodium acetate buffer at pH 4.8 and 25°C after the required time of 60 minutes for equilibrium. The figure insert is the schematic presentation of the formation of LCCs. Cel, cellulase; DLS, dynamic light scattering; LCC, lignosulfonate-cellulase complex; LS, lignosulfonate; MW, molecular weight.

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