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Figure 1

From: Re-evaluation of glycerol utilization in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: characterization of an isolate that grows on glycerol without supporting supplements

Figure 1

Effect of supplements on the glycerol growth of S. cerevisiae laboratory strains. Cells of (A) CEN.PK113-7D, (B) W303-1A, and (C) S288c were pre-cultivated in synthetic glucose medium for 48 hours. Afterwards, an appropriate number of cells were washed once in either synthetic glucose medium (red), synthetic glycerol medium (green), synthetic glycerol medium supplemented with CSM (blue), or synthetic medium without any carbon source but supplemented with CSM (purple), and then used for inoculating the respective medium at an optical density of 0.2. The cultures were cultivated in the Growth Profiler as described in the Methods section. Data from one representative experiment out of three independent biological replicates are shown.

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