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Figure 2

From: Re-evaluation of glycerol utilization in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: characterization of an isolate that grows on glycerol without supporting supplements

Figure 2

Phenotypic intraspecies diversity of S. cerevisiae regarding growth on glycerol as the sole source of carbon. A total of 52 strains of S. cerevisiae were screened for growth in synthetic glycerol medium (without the addition of amino acids or nucleic bases) using the Growth Profiler. A list of all the strains including the strain name and source is given in Additional file 1. (A) For all strains, the time needed to reach an OD600 of 1 is shown. Out of the 52 strains, 13 did not show growth during the course of the experiment (represented by the open symbol at time ∞). (B) Scatterplot of μmax versus lag phase for 16 selected strains. Strain CBS 6412 has been assigned number 1 in both plots. Mean values and standard deviations were obtained from three biological replicates.

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