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Figure 4

From: Re-evaluation of glycerol utilization in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: characterization of an isolate that grows on glycerol without supporting supplements

Figure 4

Reciprocal hemizygosity analysis for GUT1 . (A) Genetic background of the four diploid hybrids constructed by mating wild-type and gut1 deleted CBS 6412-13A and CEN.PK113-1A, respectively. All strains only differ genetically by the alleles of GUT1, that is, they carry either both alleles (GUT1 CBS 6412-13A and GUT1 CEN.PK113-1A ), one allele (GUT1 CBS 6412-13A or GUT1 CEN.PK113-1A ), or no alleles. (B) Growth of the hybrid strains in synthetic glycerol medium: hybrid I (red), hybrid II (blue), hybrid III (green), and hybrid IV (purple). Data from one representative experiment out of three independent biological replicates are shown.

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