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Figure 4

From: Adsorption of β-glucosidases in two commercial preparations onto pretreated biomass and lignin

Figure 4

Adsorption of β-glucosidase activity from Cellic® CTec2 (CC2) and Novozym 188 (NZ188) to different pretreated biomasses dosed to identical lignin content (1.5% ). (a) Relative amount of free β-glucosidase activity (relative to the activity in the controls for each enzyme). (b) Stain-free SDS-PAGE. The composition of the pretreated biomasses and their abbreviations can be seen in Table 1. Substrate loadings: No substrate (reference), 0 mg/mL; PWS (steam pretreated wheat straw), 48 mg/mL; PSB (steam pretreated sugarcane bagasse), 51 mg/mL; EFB (steam pretreated empty fruit bunches), 42 mg/mL; PCS (steam pretreated corn stover), 56 mg/mL; HWS (H2SO4 impregnated, steam pretreated wheat straw), 47 mg/mL; OWS1 (organosolv pretreated wheat straw), 129 mg/mL; and SES (steam exploded spruce), 31 mg/mL.

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